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L-29 License

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L-29 license is granted for service of Liquor/Beer at a club/mess whose membership is exclusively for Government Servants and is not run on commercial lines. The documents/procedure required for granting L-29 License is similar to the grant of L-28 license.


S.No. Number of Members Fee (in Rs,)L-28 Fee for FL(in Rs.) 10% of normal License fee (L-28) Total fee including IFL(L-28 & L-28F) 
1 Club with membership upto 800 75,000/- 7,500/- 82,500/-
2 Club with membership from 801 to 1500 1,00,000/- 10,000/- 1,10,000/-
3 Club with membership more than 1500 2,00,000/- 20,000/- 2,20,000/-

L-29 License Fee The license fee for L-29/L-29 F license is fixed to Rs 7500/- p.a. plus Rs.750/- for FL (10% of License fee )irrespective of the number of members of the club.

Members of the club Rest of the procedure with regard to the grant of Licence is the same as indicated in respect of L-15/L-16 Licence