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Excise Control Laboratory

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Excise department sends the samples of IMFL, country liquor, rectified spirit, denatured spirit and other types of samples containing alcohol to the Excise control laboratory. The detection of methyl alcohol and other harmful ingredients in different potable and non-potable spirits is of great importance to avoid liquor related mishappenings in N.C.T. of Delhi and reporting of the same is immediately required by the Excise Department before releasing the consignment for sale. In case of non potable spirits various standards are followed. In country liquor samples, methyl alcohol test is conducted alongwith the presence/absence of sediments and foreign matter. Detailed analysis of country liquor samples is done batch-wise. In case of IMFL samples, essential tests as well as detailed analysis is performed as per the requirements. 

The samples seized by police are also received by the Excise department for analysis .Ethyl alcohol, % proof spirit, alcohol v/v, total acids, residue on evaporation, esters, furfural, fusel oil, copper, methyl alcohol, aldehyde, miscibility, alkalinity, colour and other type of tests are conducted depending upon the type of the sample and requirements