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Country Liquor Branch

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Tenders are invited for supply of expected required quantity of country liquor from distilleries/bottling plants in accordance with the terms and conditions as approved by the Government on yearly basis. For the year 2016-17 the expected required quantity is fixed for 300 lakh Bulk Litre with the variation upto 25% plus or minus. Tenderers are asked to submit capacity and rates for delivering the liquor. They are allotted quota (in terms of percentage) to be supplied depending on their capacity and competitiveness of rates. After finalizing the tender, the L-3 licences are granted to four or more tenderers to supply country liquor in Delhi. The percentage of supply is fixed in case of every licensee by a committee appointed by the Government. Every licensee is also granted a licence L-33 for Bonded Ware house to store country liquor. For the year 2016-17 , 4 (four) L-3/L-33 licences have been granted.

Based on the consumption of country liquor a monthly order is placed by the Excise Department on each of the licensees in the fixed ratio by the 20th of every month for the supplies of next month.
When the analytical report is received from the Excise Control Laboratory and stock is found potable, it is issued to the retail L-8 vends run by DTTDC, DSIIDC, DSCSC and DCCWS for sale to the consumer at a fixed price in Delhi. There are 93 vends of different corporations, for the sale of country liquor. Excise Department collects Excise revenue from the L-8 licensees well in advance of the supplies.Cheaper IMFL and Beer are also sold from certain Country Liquor retail vends, for which L-14 license is granted. 

Where the stock is not found potable, it is destroyed in the presence of a committee formed by the Commissioner of Excise.  


Quarts Pints Nips




The wholesale L-3 licensee will charge VAT, as applicable, on the wholesale price from the Corporations and deposit with the VAT Deptt. The Corporations will pay VAT on sale of quarts/pints/nips as mentioned against each in the above retail sale price structure and claim input credit for VAT paid to the wholesalers.  


S.NO. CORP. No of L-8 Vends L-8 Vends to whom L-14 granted
1 DSCSC 19 2
2 DSIIDC 14 4
3 DCCWS 24 3
4 DTTDC 36 0
5 TOTAL 93 9