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The prime job of Excise Department is to regulate, control and monitor manufacture, possession, import, export, transport, sale and consumption of liquor and other intoxicants, the statutory powers for which are discharged under the Delhi Excise Act, 2009 and Medicinal and Toilet Preparation Act 1955. The Department grants L-1 Licences to Distilleries/Bottling Plants for the wholesale supply of Indian Liquor and Beer in Delhi, while retail liquor trade in Delhi is mainly in the hands of the Government Undertakings for which a separate licence in form L-6 is granted. Apart from this some private entrepreneurs have also been granted licenses in Form L-7 for retail trade of Indian Liquor & Beer. Besides, Licences for the consumption of liquor 'on-site' premises like hotels, restaurants and clubs are also granted by this Department. The Department invites tender on yearly basis for wholesale supply of country liquor from the distilleries/bottling plants and licence in Form L-8 are issued to successful tendered. The Department also fixes the price of Country Liquor and regulates it's supply for retail sale through DTTDC/DCCWS Ltd./DSCSC Ltd/DSIIDC for which L-8(old L-10) license are granted. Licences are also given for holding/hosting private parties as well as for storage for personal consumption beyond the permissible limits.

At present four corporations namely DTTDC, DSCSC, DSIIDC and DCCWS are engaged in the retail trade of liquor, with a total 381 shops for Indian Liquor & Beer and 104 shops for country liquor. The private vends (L-7 and L-10) are also holding 250 shops for retail sale of Indian Liquor & Beer all over Delhi.

The Department has also granted  L-12 Licence for retail sale of Beer & Wine through Departmental Stores for "off-site" consumption. During the year 2010-11, the Govt. introduced a new policy of opening retail vends of liquor in Shopping Malls located in District Centres to the private sector.  Another policy of granting licenses in form L-9 was introduced during the year 2010-11 for retail vend of Indian Liquor to holders of License in form L-1.  The Department also regulates consumption/distribution/issue of Rectified Spirit, Denatured Spirit, Life Saving Drugs like Morphine, Pathedine, Medicinal Opium and Hemp to various Government Hospitals, Private Nursing Homes, Doctors, etc. Sale of Denatured Spirit and Rectified Spirit in wholesale or retail without a valid Licence is an offence in Delhi. Possession of Spirit and Narcotic Drugs without a Licence is also a cognizable offence.


Temporary Excise License are issued for parties hosted by individual (P-10) and Licensed Hotel, Club, Restaurant inside their premises(P-13). Detail see under licences

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