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The Department is committed to automate various day today activities for the benefit of various types of licencees , citizen, hoteliers etc. The automation of tasks started by this Department is as under:-

  • Printing of Transport Permits and Import Permits of licensees online through Excise Supply Chain Information Management System (ESCIMS) application,   
  • Price list & stock position of all IMFL & Beer brands have been made available online on the ESCIMS application to enable the licensee to place an order, 
  • Issuance and renewal of Licenses to Hotels, Clubs and Restaurants through online ESCIMS application, 
  • Registration and issuance of licenses to Cinema halls, MSOs, DTH operators, issuance of NOC for entertainment events, 
  • Registration and issuance of licenses to bookies under Betting tax 
  • Availability of ESCIMS related Information to the users through Touch Screen Kiosk installed at the reception of the Department, 
  • List of Bonded Warehouses, Corporation vends, Private Vends, hotels, clubs, restaurants, MSOs, cinema hall & luxury tax payers have been made available on the Departmental Website as well as well as ESCIMS application, 
  • Online filing of Luxury Tax Returns and Entertainment tax returns (Cinema halls)  
  • Dynamic updation & enhancement in the Departmental Website 
  • Data of all Bonded Warehouses,  Corporation vends,  Private Vends, hotels, clubs, restaurants, cable operators, cinema hall & luxury tax on DSSDI Application 
  • Registration of Luxury Tax Hotels, Registration of Cable Operators/MSOs, Issuance of P-10 permits, Issuance of P-13 permits, Issuance of NOC for Entertainment Events and Issuance of L-30 Licenses  in  e-SLA (72 more services have been notified under e SLA) 
  • All the routine activities regarding collection of revenue through ESCIMS.
  • The department has implemented Excise Supply Chain Information Management System (ESCIMS) based on 2D Serialized Bar Code on the �Design-Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (DBOOT)� Model so as to ensure online tracking of liquor bottles right from the stage of import of liquor from other states to Delhi till the point of sale at the retail vends  It is pertinent to mention here that this ESCIMS project has the unique feature of 2D barcode of every unit of liquor and Delhi has become the first state in India to implement such type of project. The project has been implemented by M/s TCS.
  • The Barcode infrastructure for Supply Chain Management of Liquor Sale in Delhi has been initiated by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi with the objective to make the system more transparent, efficient, effective and accountable with the help of Information & Communication Technology (ICT).
  • The introduction of comprehensive 2D serialized bar code system in Delhi will help the Government to provide real time information to the Excise Department.


The main features of Bar Coding Project are as follows:

  1. The project has been implemented on 'Design-Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (DBOOT)' basis and the entire cost for the project covering installation of Hardware, development of Software; customization for Excise data centre and four corporation (all point of sale) engaged in sale of liquor has been borne by the Implementing Agency (IA) . IA will provide necessary operation and maintenance support for the full duration of the project period of seven years. The investment made by the Implementing Agency (IA) will be paid back to IA through a cost charged on every bottle of liquor passing through the 2D serialized Bar-Coding ESCIMS System finally at point of sale.
  2. The implementation of the system enables tracking of every bottle of liquor from distillery to the point of sale; Monitoring of Import Permit (IP) and Transport Permit (TP), tracking of liquor consignments on real-time basis; efficient decision making based on MIS, qualified information on sales and revenue collections; effective grievance redressal and ensuring delivery of genuine liquor at the Vends. All bottles sold by the retail vendors will pass through Bar Coding machine. Every bottle sold is accounted on real time basis.
  3. The project brings about 'On Line Management Information System' of key Excise Information parameters, which has been efficient, effective and more transparent in regulation of Bonded Warehouses and Liquor points of sale.
  4. The Project envisages provisioning of IT & Non-IT infrastructure at the i. Excise Deptt. ii. Four Govt. Corporations, engaged in retail sales of Liquor i.e. Delhi State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (DSIIDC) , Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation Ltd. (DTTDC), Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. & Delhi Consumer's Co-operative Wholesale Store Ltd.; and their headquarters and retail liquor vends
  5. For ensuring transparency and to achieve the deliverables, a comprehensive audit of security and financial processes involved in the system has been carried out by independent third party agency.
  6. The major stakeholders of this projects would be Excise Dept., retail vends of Four Govt. Corporations i.e. 1. Delhi State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (DSIIDC), 2. Delhi Tourism & Transportation Development Corporation Ltd. (DTTDC), 3. Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd., 4. Delhi Consumer's Co-operative Wholesale Store Ltd. , Bonded Warehouses , Distilleries in various States, Points of sale of CSD Canteens, private vends, Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants etc.
  7. Generation of comprehensive reports helps managerial control, inventory management, and improved efficiency and enable revenue reconciliation on daily basis.
  8. M/s. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., is the Implementing Agency for ESCIMS .
  9. NISG has been nominated as PMU by the streering committee of the ESCIMS project headed by Principal Secretary, Finance Department, GNCTD vide decision taken in the meeting dated 08/04/2010.

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