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IMFL Branch or Licences of Liquor

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The IMFL branch issues L-1 licences to Distilleries/ Bottling plants for supply of liquor to the retail outlets, licensed hotels, restaurants and clubs. The applications for the grant/renewal of L-1 licences are invited through a public notice. After the receipt of the applications, these are scrutinized. The applications which are complete in all respects and fulfil all the requirements are taken into consideration for the grant of L-1 licence by the Competent Authority. Cases are processed according to the Terms and Conditions for the grant of licences. Once the L-1 licence is granted, licence fee is to be deposited. The L-1 licence is further processed for the approval of the brands as well as the price. Fixation of price is done by Excise Commissioner. Price structures are issued after the payment of all required fees.All the L-1 licencees are required to maintain Bonded Warehouses which are supervised by the Excise Inspectors. 

Import Permits : The Import Permits are issued to the L-1 licencees after payment of import fee. The concerned Excise authority of the state where the distillery is located issues export permits on the basis of the Import Permits to take the liquor out of the state without payment of Excise duty. The Excise Inspector posted at the Bonded Warehouse after scrutinizing all the documents allows the stock for in-bonding. 

Transport Permits : Transport permit is a document which authorises L-1 licencees for taking out the specific quantity of liquor mentioned in Transport Permit for supply to a specified destination. Transport Permits are issued only after the deposition of requisite Excise Duty/Revenue by the Licencee. On receipt of the Transport Permits, the Bonded warehouse Excise Inspector allows the stock for transporting it to various retail outlets, clubs, hotels/restaurants. Price List Caution! Do not pay more , always insist on Cash Memo. 

  • Prices of different brands of liquor in Delhi for the excise year.