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Import or Transport Permit Branch

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Permit Branch issues Import permits for import of liquor into NCT of Delhi and Transport Permits for transportation of liquor from Bonded Warehouse to off/on site licensed consumption premises. The Licensees are L-6 (Retail Vend : 373 ), L-15 ( Hotel-Room Service : 85),L-17 (Restaurant : 596)  and L-28 (Club : 47) etc. On an average 130 Import permits and 3000 transport permits are being issued daily. 

Import permits are issued to the L-1 licensees on demand which is duly recommended by the inspector posted at Bonded Ware House. For issue of these Import permits, It is ensured that Excise revenue in form of Import fee i.e. Rs. 5/-per Bulk litre for regular brands ( above Rs. 140/- per quart) and Rs. 1.25/- per bulk litre for cheaper brands (Rs. 140/- per quart) as applicable in respect of each brands have been realized as per the quantity for which the import permit is to be issued. 

Transport Permits are prepared as per the order placed by the retailers to L-1 licensees. Such orders are received from the concerned retailers in the forenoon while the Transport Permits are issued by the evening of the same day. Before issuing these permits, it is ensured that Excise revenue in form of Excise Duty in respect of order quantity of liquor has been realised as per the quantity of IMFL proposed to be released There are 60 L-1 licensees for the year who are authorised to supply liquor/beer to retailers. Separate transport permits are prepared for each retailers vend wise and L-1 licensee wise.