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L-6 Licence

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L-6 Licence for retail vend of Indian liquor/beer are granted only to selected undertakings of the Delhi government namely DTTDC, DSIDC, DSCSC and DCCWS. Any proposal in respect of premises for opening of a vend would come from above Corporations. As such an individual who wants to give his premises on rent for opening of vend has to approach any of these corporations, which after looking into suitability of the premises approach the office of the Commissioner of Excise for grant of L-6 licence in respect of the premises.
Broadly any premises to be suitable for opening of liquor vend should meet the following requirement :-

  1. The vend premises should be in a pucca building with minimum floor area of 150 sqft. on a floor and located in commercial area.
  2. The vend premises are inspected by the site inspection committee. The Committee inspects the shop to ascertain that the premises meet the requirement of excise rules as below :


No liquor shop for consumption off the premises shall be located within a distance of 100 metres from the following, namely:

  • Major educational institutions
  • Religious Places
  • Hospitals with fifty beds and above 

EXPLANATION I :- For the purpose of Clause (a) above, major educational institutions would mean middle and higher secondary schools, colleges and other institutions of higher learning recogzined by the Government.

EXPLANATION II :- For the purpose of Clause (b) above, a religious place would imply a religious place having a pucca structure with a covered area of more than 400sq feet.

EXPLANANTION III :- The measurement of distance shall be the shortest traversable distance, from the mid point of the acual main entrance/door of   the premises proposed for license to mid point of the actual main door/entrance of the building of the places mentioned in clauses (a), (b) and (c) above.

If the proposed premises meet the above requirement and found suitable, the grant of L-6 Licence is approved and the concerned Corporation is required to deposit Rs. 2,50,000/- as licence fee before issue of licence. At present shops are in operation all over Delhi.
These vends sell Indian liquor/Beer brands at rates fixed by the Excise Commissioner. Retail sale rate are printed on labels of Indian liquor and  beer bottles.


Year Number
1994-95 172
1995-96 188
1996-97 184
1997-98 189
1998-1999 208
1999-2000 224
2000-2001 235
2001-2002 251
2002-2003 273
2003-2004 276
2008-2009 323
2009-2010 323
2010-2011 356
2011-2012 358
2012-2013 360
2013-2014 383
2014-2015 382
2015-2016 382
2016-2017 386
2017-2018 385
2018-2019 381