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Grant of L-17/L-18/L-19 Licence in Independent Restaurant: L-17 / L-18 Licence is granted to an independent restaurant approved by Department of Tourism, Govt. of India. Such restaurants can apply in the office of the Commissioner of Excise in prescribed form and submit documents as indicated in the application form. The restaurant should be situated in commercial area with adequate parking space. The restaurant has to meet the requirement of rule 51 of Delhi Excise Rules 2010 as quoted in case of L-15/L-16 Licences conditions. Rest of the procedure for the grant of Licence is the same as indicated in case of L-15/L-16 Licence.. List of Documents for L-17/L-18/L-19 Licence to independent restaurant


List of Documents for L-17/L-18/L-19 Licence to independent restaurant
1. Application in the prescribed format.
2. Ownership Proof of the proposed premises (Registered sale deed/ lease deed complete chain)
3. Health Trade Licence issued by the MCD/ NDMC/Local body
4. Eating House Licence issued by the DCP (Licensing)
5. Affidavit regarding Fire Safety Measures (if the seating capacity is below  50 seat covers) and NOC from Fire Department (if the seating capacity is more than 50 seat covers)
6.     Approval of Department of Tourism, Govt. of NCT of Delhi/ Govt. of India
7. DVAT registration
8. PAN card
9. Site/Seating plan including Store Room, Bar Counter  and area for service of liquor duly signed by Registered Architect.
10. Affidavit regarding no disqualification under section 13 of Delhi Excise Act, 2009, abiding by Delhi Excise Act & Rules framed there under, seating capacity of the Restaurant,  True & Correctness of the statement and documents.
11. Declaration of Authorized Representative/ Excise Nominee by the Proprietor/ Partner/ Directors
12. Resolution of Board of Directors
13. List of Directors/Partners
14. Form 32 showing appointment / cessation of director in case of change of Directors
15. Copy of the insurance of the premises against Fire and Natural hazards.
16. Memorandum of Association/Partnership deed



Liquor being an exciseable article can not be stored by a person like any general commodity. Individual possession limit has therefore been prescribed. Any individual person can possess at his residence alcoholic beverages within the prescribed limit for bonafide consumption by him and by members of his family or his guests. The present possession limit is given below: -


(i)Indian liquor and Foreign Liquor(Whisky, Rum, Gin,Vodka)

except Wine, Liqueur, Beer, Cider and Alcopop

9 litres
(ii)Wine, Liqueur, Beer, Cider and Alcopop 18 litres
(iii)Indian liquor or Foreign Liquor 1 litre while entering into Delhi from other states
(iv) Foreign liquor 2 litres while entering into Delhi from other countries