L-28 Licence

Grant of L-28 Licence:

L-28 licence is granted to a club registered with the Registrar of Firms/Registrar of Cooperative Societies, for service of foreign liquor to its members only subject to provisions of Delhi Excise Act, 2009  and the rules framed thereunder and instructions issued from time to time. Any eligible club can apply for grant of L-28 licence in the prescribed proforma with the required documents.

List of Documents for Grant of L-28/28F &L-29/29FA Licence for Club

  1. Documentary proof showing ownership status of the club, whether a company/ partnership/ firm/Regd. Society Etc.
  2. Proof of Lawful possession of the premises
  3. Health & Trade License issued by NDMC/MCD/Airport Health Org.
  4. Certificate of Registration for Eating House License to DCP (Licensing)
  5. NOC / Affidavit regarding Fire Safety
  6. Copy of Site/Seating plan of the club and showing liquor service area and store
  7. List of Members of the club
  8. List of Office Bearer of the club
  9. Copy of Pan Card / Latest Income Tax Return
  10. Copy of DVAT Registration Certificate
  11. Copy of Insurance
  12. Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association
  13. Resolution of the Society reg.
  14. Name of Excise Nominee
  15. Affidavit reg. Delhi Excise Act
  16. Affidavit reg. True & Correctness statement

Last Update Date :- 16-03-2018

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