L-1 and L-1F Licences

Grant of L-1 Licence:

Every year Government of NCT of Delhi formulates the Excise Policy and approves Terms & Conditions for grant of L-1 licenses. In pursuance to this policy and the approved terms & conditions, licences in form L-1 are granted for the wholesale supply of Indian liquor. These are granted to a Company or a society or a partnership firm or proprietorship firm having licensed manufacturing units(distillery / brewery /winery/bottling plant).

The applications for the grant of Licence are invited through the public notice published in some of the leading newspapers and in the official website of the Department. An application for the grant of L-1 Licence is required to be made in response to the public notice in the prescribed format together with its Appendices ('B' and 'C') to the Dy. Commissioner of Excise. The prime job of L-1 Licensee is to supply liquor to the holders of Licenses in form L-6, L-7,L-9,L-10,L-12,L-13,L-14,L-15,L-16,L-17,L-18,L-19,L-20,L-21,L-28,L-29 and other liquor licences in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The aspirants for the grant of L-1 Licences have to comply with the procedure as laid down in the terms and conditions for the grant of L-1 Licences which are made available in the Office during the notice period. The applicant has to submit the following documents alongwith the application on the prescribed format :

Check list for Grant of L-1 Licence (2014-15)

S.No. Document Required
1. Application in prescribed form (Annexure-1) duly signed by M.D./Authorized Director/ Authorized Working Partner/President or Secretary of the Society.
2. Processing Fee of Rs.5000/-
3. Appendix B on an affidavit stating the details of the company/firm with sale figure all over India and Ex-distillery price(EDP)
4. Appendix C stating the details of the brand applied for with the sale figures all over India and Ex-distillery price(EDP), expected MRP, various duties etc.
5. Product declaration of the brands applied
6. ENA Certificate - neutral alcohol (double distilled) / Extra neutral alcohol
7. TMC under Trade Mark Act,1999 or registered Trade Mark licenced to the applicant/usership agreement (not required for Beer & Wine), in case of Foreign TMC, the brand should be applied in India.
8. An Affidavit regarding genuiness of foreign TMC
9. Copies of Excise Verification Certificate for sale verification
10. Sale Verification Report
11. Certificate of sale figure & EDP from Excise Authority
12. Memorandum & Article Association of the company/ Partnership deed under the Partnership Act,1932/Certificate of Registration in the Cooperative Society/Partnership Deed under Limited Liability Act,2008
13. Licence copy of Distillery/Brewery/Bottling Plant from where the brand is being manufactured/bottled
14. Power of Attorney duly signed by authorized Director/MD/Appointment of Attorney by the applicant
15. Solvency Certificate issued by SDM except Ltd. co. & existing L-1 licencee
16. Copy of Latest IT Return/ Copy of PAN Card/Copy of latest IT Assessment order/Copy of Income Tax Clearance Certificate
17. No Dues Certificate from Delhi Excise Department
18. No Dues Certificate from VAT Department, Delhi
19. CA Certificate regarding Sale & EDP of the brands
20. Affidavit under section 13 of Delhi Excise Act,2009 and Rule 23 & 35 of Delhi Excise Rules,2010
21. Chemical Analysis Report of the brand applied from the Govt. Authorised Lab./other reputed Pvt. institution
22. An attested copy of the annual account and Balance sheet duly audited
23. Performance Report of the company issued by E.I.
24. Personal Bond with Surety of Rs. 5 lacs
25. List of Directors/partners/members of the company/firm/society or form-32 in case of change from MOA.
26. Board Resolution/Proof of Authorization in favour of applicant to apply for L-1 licence for the year 2012-13
27. Photograph of MD/Applicant Director & Attorney
28. Name, address & photographs of each of the employees working at the BWH
29. Affidavit from Existing licencee
30. Affidavit from New licencee

In addition, for approval of whisky, beer and rum brands, such brands should have sold a prescribed minimum quantity in All India Market excluding Delhi during the last two preceding years as indicated in the terms and conditions. For the year 2014-2015, the minimum sale criteria as per maximum retail price are given below:-

Whisky Brands

S.No. Retail Price Segment Minimum Sale Required 
1. Upto Rs. 120/- 50,000 cases
2 Rs. 121 to 250/- 1,00,000 cases
3. Rs. 251 to 400/- 50,000 cases
4. Rs. 401  and above Nil

Rum Brands

S.No. Retail Price Segment Minimum Sale Required
1. Upto Rs. 120/- (Cheaper Category) 40,000 cases
2 Rs. 121 to 250/- 50,000 cases
3. Rs. 251 and above Nil

Beer Brands

S.No. Retail Price Segment Minimum Sale Required 

With above 5% alcoholic strength and MRP

upto Rs.100/-

3,00,000 cases

Upto 5% alcoholic strength and MRP upto


1,00,000 cases


3. International Beer Brands 5,00,000 cases
4. Diet Beer Nil
5. MRP more than Rs.100/- Nil

Once the licence is approved, the applicant is required to have a Bonded Warehouse approved for storage of liquor. Broadly speaking the applicant immediately on the approval of L-1 Licence has to deposit Licence Fee, Label registration fee and Bonded Warehouse fee & apply for the following :-

1. Registration of Brands
2. Approval of Bonded Warehouse
3. Approval of Label
4. Fixation of ex-distillery price

Number of L-1 Licensee

Year Number
1995-96 53
1996-97 57
1997-98 55
1998-99 55
1999-2000 75
2000-2001 76
2001-2002 63
2002-2003 68
2003-2004 65
2007-2008 66













2014-2015 78
2015-2016 72
2016-2017 70
2017-2018 67
2018-19 72

Number of L1F Licencee

Year Number











2014-2015 78
2015-2016 72
2016-2017 70
2017-2018 67
2018-2019 72

Last Update Date :- 16-03-2018

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