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Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax Department,

Govt. Of NCT Of Delhi

L & N Block, Vikas Bhawan, I.P.Estate,

New Delhi – 110002

Phone ; 23378370, 23370868

Mail to: dcexcise[at]nic[dot]in

S. No. Name Designation E_Mail Office No.
1 Sh. Ravi Dhawan Commisioner (Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax) cexcise[at]nic[dot]in 23378088, 23370220 (Fax)

Deputy Commissioners

1 Sh. Sandeep Kumar Mishra All Licenses (IMFL/CL), Policy, Enforcement, Administration, Litigation dcexcise[at]nic[dot]in 23370868, 23378332
2 Sh. Ranjeet Singh Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Confiscation, M & TP, ESCIMS, Care Taking , EIB, HCR dctexcise.delhi[at]nic[dot]in 23370033

Assistant Commissioners

1 Sh. K. P. Singh L-1, L-2,  Misc work of IMFL, parliament & Assembly Questions , Policy and Coordination[at]gov[dot]in 23378107
2 Sh. Neeraj Gupta  Luxury Tax(HQ), L-12, Permit & Enforcement ltoexcise.delhi[at]nic[dot]in,  23370921
3 Sh. Ajay Kumar Gambhir Hotel, Club & Restaurant, L-10, Nodal Officer (Ease of Doing Business) and PR 23378089
4 Sh. Lalit Mittal M & TP, Audit, Litigaion, Administration, Nodal Officer (DDC) ,  Vigilance LALIT_MITTAL_72[at]yahoo[dot]com 23370742
5 Sh. Narinder Singh CTB, Computer, ESCIMS, Confiscation , R & I, E-SLA, E-office, RTI, Excise Control Lab, Appeal Cases of Luxury Tax and Country Liquor (GM Excise), PGMS/PGC/LG Listening Post etc. deopexcise.delhi[at]nic[dot]in 23370947
6 Sh. Ashok Daryani ET, L-6, L-7   23378368

Section Officer

1 Sh. Ashok Kumar ESCIMS, ET, R&I, RTI, PGMS/LG Listening Post/PGC KUMARASHOK661978[at]GMAIL[dot]COM  
2 Smt. Suman Administration, Litigation,IMFL LOHCHABSUMAN35[at]GMAIL[dot]COM 23378087
3 Sh. Khushal Chand Confiscation/ e-SLA/ e-Office, Country Liquor, Vigilance  kcnogia025[at]GMAIL[dot]COM  
4 Sh. Jess Marvin Beck LT, CTB, HCR    


1 Sh. Ramesh Chand DCA LAKHCHAURA.RAMESH[at]GMAIL[dot]COM 23378803
2 Sh. Mahesh Kumar Dhankhad Accounts Officer sraoexcise.delhi[at]nic[dot]in 23378691
3 Sh. Manoj  Damodar AAO aaoexcise.delhi[at]nic[dot]in 23378583


1 Sh. S.C.Garg Joint  Director (I.T.)   23379790
2 Sh. J.B.M. Ganesh Kumar Sr. System Analyst saexcise[at]nic[dot]in 23379790
3 Smt Madhu Yadav System Analyst madhuyadav.79[at]gov[dot]in 23378095
4 Sh. Amit Kumar Verma Assistant Programmer aprogexcise.delhi[at]nic[dot]in  

Control Laboratory

1 Sh. B. S. Tomar Dy. Chemical Examiner btomar59[at]yahoo[dot]com  
2 Sh. Rajesh Joshi Dy. Chemical Examiner joshiofdelhi[at]redffmail[dot]com  

Last Update Date :- 20-03-2018

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